Our Venue

As a grassroots music venue our primary focus is to provide a platform for new and undiscovered talent. Limelight is dedicated to providing the opportunity for new artists/bands to showcase their skills to a live audience. Venue38, like many other grassroot venues, work in association with the Music Venue Trust (MVT) supporting each other in building a network for developing artists and helping them get the exposure they deserve. Music Venue Trust is a UK Registered Charity which acts to protect, secure and improve UK Grassroots Music Venues for the benefit of venues, communities and upcoming artists. For more details about MVT visit 

As well as our weekly and monthly events, we hold 'The Main Event' nights which are ticketed events for special guest DJ's or more well-known bands. These events are advertised well in advance and tickets made available to purchase online through OnAyr Media and of course by contacting the venue. We also have regular DJ nights whether this is our own resident DJ or special guest DJ's... you'll find a mix of music that has something for everyone. 

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