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Venue38 is an indoor live music and events space that opened its doors in January 2020 with a capacity of 800. The space is a large open area on one level featuring a main stage, 2 bars, VIP area, wooden sprung dancefloor in front of stage, DJ/Sound booth and dressing room.


Stage Size: The stage is a V-shaped stage with open front size of 13mtrs and each wing space of 6mtrs into the V which has a full Mapex Horizon Drum Kit: 20 -.10 – 12 -.14 & 14 X 5.5 Snare situated on a drum riser.



2 sets x HK Audio Projector

8 x 18” Subwoofers (4 each side) with 600 watts RMS complimented by a 12” speaker and 2” driver combination

2 x 12” Speakers

2 x 2” Driver

4 x Foldback Monitors

32 in 8 out (8-mono/4-stereo monitor mixes)

1 x Marshall MG Series 100HDFX Guitar amp

1 x Peavey Guitar amp

1 x Trace Elliot Bass amp

1 x Peavey Bass amp

Various microphone options available



Berhinger X32 Channel Digital Desk controlled via X32 software & X-touch digital console Sound Switch Digital Lighting Workstation




8 x Par 56 Cans LED Spots

8 x Martin Intelligent Moving Head Spots

Dance Floor in front of Stage:

8 x mini moving heads

6 x Incosan

4 x 360 moving heads

4 x 8 lamp strips

2 x Smoke machines on stage and 1 on dancefloor

Video & Recording Ability

The venue has a full media suite with the ability to record media and sound performances in the Venue and live stream.

There are 6 full screens placed around the venue for maximum viewing.

Audio can be played through the PA and in-house sound systems


VIP Booth available as a closed off area for Meet & Greet and merchandise sales. Private dressing room available and loading in dock available.


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