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Our Limelight sessions are dedicated to offering a platform to highlight undiscovered talent and provide up and coming artists with the 'big stage' experience and professional sound and lighting systems to show off their skills. So if you're an upcoming band or artist come along and get involved.


A solo artist, Jamie Clark is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. First and foremost a drummer, he plays various other instruments including acoustic and electric guitar, bass and piano/keyboard. Inspiration comes from Travis (the reason he picked up an acoustic guitar), Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd and Gerry Rafferty – in Jamie’s words “anything beautiful, light or dark”.

With a new album almost in completion, The JCE could soon be making a comeback!



S'COTSOUL - 01/10/21

S'COTSOUL began in 2008 with Carl Espirit Bridgeman a bass player singer solo artist emerging from the ashes of Destino. During lock down he got together with Drew McClinton an already established guitarist and low whistle player in the Ayrshire scene. A few months later JP Baxter appeared "as if by magic".

The magical trio experiment with a blend of blues, soul and modern influences.



ZANG - 01/10/21

South Ayrshire based rock band ZANG blend modern and old school rocky tones to give you a brand new sound. ZANG was formed in late 2017 by guitarist Sean and drummer Alan, quickly followed by bassist Donald and vocalist Eleanor at the start of 2019.

ZANG are set to hit the ground running after being starved of gigs over 2020, with a load of new material being released shortly, and exciting projects to come!

With two singles currently released, Strange and Money Honey, ZANG’s next big release was: - RABBIT HOLE - 04.06.21 and is now followed with - MR. AMERICAN 16.07.21




FUZZY LOP - 15/10/21

Fuzzy Lop are a Glasgow band that experiments with a unique blend of genres, creating dynamic soundscapes with distinctive time changes. Forming in late 2018, Fuzzy Lop have performed live throughout Glasgow while working towards the release of their debut single ‘Surprise’ in November 2020.

While Jordan is straight down an indie lane, with a love of 00s indie bands (and no bad word is to be said about the Beatles), Zach’s loves are both Nirvana and beautiful folk tunes of Bon Iver and Ben Howard, Molly presents a post-punk edge with a dollop of good ol’ pop tunes and Iona introduces the neo-soul influences that bind us together – a curious combination of flavours that keep you coming back for more.




STORM OF EMBERS - 29/10/21

Three guys from Glasgow who play loud music.

Instagram: @stormofembers


NEW SLANG - 29/10/21

Four piece from Edinburgh who formed a band before a pandemic and are looking forward to leaving the small room in Granton they have been stuck in for the past two years.






UNDER-VOLT - 29/10/21

All the way from Edinburgh..

Under-Volt is a heavy, riff-laden project created by Jed Potts and Vini Bonnar. Born out of the fallow time of the pandemic, after many years of talking about it, the band finally came to fruition. Influences are many, from Sabbath to Soundgarden, Zeppelin to Tool, AC/DC to Mastodon.

If you like it’ll love Under-Volt.


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